Official Exhibitor Programs

9/24(THU)21:00~【Microsoft Japan】Xbox Tokyo Game Show Showcase 2020

な> / 【On-air date】on 24th / 【Titles Platform】Xbox Series X / 【Titles Platform】Xbox One X / 【Titles Platform】Xbox One / 【Titles Platform】Steam / 【Titles Platform】PC / M

9/24(THU)22:00~【SQUARE ENIX】NieR TGS2020 Programming The “We Have a Decent Amount of New Info” Special

さ> / 【Search by Category】Merchandising / 【On-air date】on 24th / S

9/24(THU)23:00~【Lightning Games】Lightning Games strikes with 3 exciting indie titles with Tokyo Game Show!

ら> / 【On-air date】on 24th / L

9/25(FRI)12:00~【GameraGame】Gamera Game Now! ~ Tokyo Game Show Special~

か> / 【On-air date】on 25th / G

9/25(FRI)13:00~【HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES JAPAN】【Game with HUAWEI AppGallery】TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020 (tentative title)

は> / 【Search by Category】General Exhibit / 【Search by Category】Business(BtoB) / 【On-air date】on 25th / 【Titles Platform】Android / H

9/25(FRI)14:00~【Renaissance high school group】Renaissance High School Group eSports course

ら> / 【On-air date】on 25th / R


さ> / 【On-air date】on 25th / S

9/25(FRI)16:00~【Lilith Games】【TGS2020】“AFK Arena×ROK”TGS Special official live broadcast (tentative title)

ら> / 【On-air date】on 25th / 【Titles Genre】Action / 【Titles Genre】Roll Playing / 【Titles Genre】Simulation / 【Titles Platform】iOS / 【Titles Platform】Android / Voice actor/TV star / Present/Benefit / L

9/25(FRI)17:00~【BenQ Japan】BenQ A showcase of new brand (tentative title)

は> / 【On-air date】on 25th / B

9/25(FRI)18:00~【DMM GAMES】DMM GAMES New Title Presentation

た> / 【On-air date】on 25th / D


さ> / 【On-air date】on 25th / S

9/25(FRI)21:00~【GungHo Online Entertainment】GungHo TGS official Special number

か> / 【On-air date】on 25th / 【Titles Genre】Action / 【Titles Platform】Switch / G

9/25(FRI)22:00~【CAPCOM】CAPCOM SPECIAL PROGRAMTune in for announcements featuring Resident Evil Village and more!

か> / 【On-air date】on 25th / C

9/25(FRI)23:00~【MouseComputer】 title)

ま> / 【On-air date】on 25th / M

9/25(FRI)24:00~【Efun】Efun to expose lastest news of Illusion Connect and 2games expected to be launched next year (tentative title)

あ> / 【On-air date】on 25th / 【Titles Genre】Roll Playing / 【Titles Platform】iOS / 【Titles Platform】Android / New Products / E

9/25(FRI)25:00~【FUJITSU CONNECTED TECHNOLOGIES】Presented by arrows YASAI (tentative title)

は> / 【On-air date】on 25th / 【Titles Platform】Android / 5G / e-Sports / F

9/26(SAT)11:00~【D3PUBLISHER】Save the square earth! "Earth Defense Force: World Brothers" TGS2020 live broadcasting (tentative title)

た> / 【On-air date】on 26th / D

9/26(SAT)12:00~【Happinet】Happinet GAME SHOWCASE in TGS2020

は> / 【On-air date】on 26th / 【Titles Genre】Action / 【Titles Genre】Adventure / 【Titles Genre】Shooting / 【Titles Genre】Romance Simulation / 【Titles Platform】Switch / 【Titles Platform】PS4 / Voice actor/TV star / H

9/26(SAT)14:00~【Spike Chunsoft】(TBA)

さ> / 【Search by Category】General Exhibit / 【On-air date】on 26th / 【Titles Genre】Roll Playing / 【Titles Platform】PS4 / 【Titles Platform】PS5

9/26(SAT)15:00~【LEVEL-5】LEVEL5 TGS2020 Special Meeting

ら> / 【On-air date】on 26th / L


か> / 【On-air date】on 26th / G

9/26(SAT)18:00~【Cygames】TGS2020 Special Sneak Peek Shadowverse: Champion's Battle

さ> / 【On-air date】on 26th / C

9/26(SAT)20:00~【KONAMI】"EDENS ZERO" Game and Anime Livestream

か> / 【On-air date】on 26th / K

9/26(SAT)21:00~【KOEI TECMO GAMES】TGS2020 KOEI TECMO Special Program: 2 key titles!

か> / 【On-air date】on 26th / 【Titles Genre】Roll Playing / 【Titles Platform】Switch / 【Titles Platform】PS4 / 【Titles Platform】Steam / Voice actor/TV star / K

9/26(SAT)23:00~【I-O DATA DEVICE】I knew the game was fun! Update your home gaming with I-O! (tentative title)

あ> / 【On-air date】on 26th / Voice actor/TV star / I

9/26(SAT)24:00~【Tencent Games】(TBA)

た> / 【Search by Category】General Exhibit / 【On-air date】on 26th / 【Titles Genre】Action / 【Titles Genre】Roll Playing / 【Titles Genre】Adventure / 【Titles Platform】iOS / 【Titles Platform】Android / Voice actor/TV star / Present/Benefit / T


ら> / 【On-air date】on 27th / L

9/27(日)12:00~【Japan Electronics College】Japan Electronics College -TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020- (tentative title)

な> / 【On-air date】on 27th / 【Titles Platform】PC / Student production / J


あ> / 【Search by Category】General Exhibit / 【On-air date】on 27th / e-Sports / A


あ> / 【On-air date】on 27th / A

9/27(SUN)15:00~【KOEI TECMO GAMES】 DYNASTY WARRIORS 20th Anniversary special program

か> / 【On-air date】on 27th / 【Titles Genre】Action / New Products / K

9/27(SUN)16:00~【KONAMI】Momotaro Dentetsu ~Showa Heisei Reiwa mo teiban!" ~Yoshimoto Comedians Special Match~

か> / 【On-air date】on 27th / 【Titles Platform】Switch / K

9/27(SUN)17:00~【BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment】Sword Art Online - Special Program SCARLET NEXUS - Special Program

は> / 【On-air date】on 27th / B

9/27(SUN)20:00~【KLabGames】Bleach: Brave Souls Bankai Live @TGS Online!

か> / 【On-air date】on 27th / K

9/27(SUN)21:00~【miHoYo】The day before the release Genshin in TGS 2020(tentative title)

ま> / 【On-air date】on 27th / 【Titles Genre】Action / 【Titles Genre】Roll Playing / 【Titles Platform】PS4 / 【Titles Platform】PC / 【Titles Platform】iOS / 【Titles Platform】Android / M

9/27(SUN)22:00~【PUBG】PUBG JAPAN Esports conference 2020

【On-air date】on 27th

Organizer's Projects

Thursday, September 24, 2020, from 20:00 to 20:50 (Japan Standard Time /UTC+9) Opening Program『Forerunner!TGS2020 ONLINE』

【On-air date】on 24th

September 25, 2020, from 11:00 Official Program Exhibitor List About TGS2020 ONLINE Official Program

【On-air date】on 25th

September 25, 2020 17:00- SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT (SOWN) 2020

【On-air date】on 25th

September 25, 2020, from 19:00 [The Future Touches Gaming First.]

【On-air date】on 25th

September 26, 2020, from 10:00 How to Enjoy e-Sports for 2020

【On-air date】on 26th / e-Sports

September 27, 2020, from 10:00 "Make a Game with Nintendo Switch & Become a Game Creator!"

【On-air date】on 27th / Kids & Family

September 27, 2020, from 24:00 Closing Program 『TGS2020 ONLINE Fan Meeting-Towards 2021-』

【On-air date】on 27th

e-Sports X events

Red Bull Untapped Japan Qualifier by Magic: The Gathering Arena September 27 (Sun) 19:00-22:00 (Japan Standard Time/UTC+9) Competition Organizer: Red Bull TV

【On-air date】on 27th

Magic: The Gathering Arena Saturday night's emergency "MTG" AGENDA "The First Modern Trading Card Game with VTuber NIJISANJI / Pro Gamers" September 26 (Sat) 21:00-24:00 (Japan Standard Time/UTC +9) Competition Organizer: Wizards of the Coast

【On-air date】on 26th

PUZZLE & DRAGONS CHAMPIONS CUP TGS2020 ONLINE September 26 (Sat) 18:00-21:00 (Japan Standard Time/UTC +9) Competition Organizer: GungHo Online Entertainment

【On-air date】on 26th

Japan Game Awards

Japan Game Awards: 2020 U18 Division

【On-air date】on 27th

Japan Game Awards: 2020 Games of the Year Division Day1

【On-air date】on 26th

Japan Game Awards: 2020 Amateur Division

【On-air date】on 26th

Exhibitor's Live Streaming

511GAMES Endless Escape

【Search by Category】Indie Game / 【Search by Category】Indie Game(Selected Exhibit) / 【Search by Category】Indie Game(SOWN finalist) / 【Titles Genre】Adventure / 【Titles Genre】Puzzle / 【Titles Platform】Steam / 【Titles Platform】PC